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School and Day Care Portraits

Children's Fine Art Portraits...

Unique, Natural, and Full of Fun!

Each child is unique. Parents love to see their children's true expressions, personalities, and attitudes in photos. These are memories that will be cherished for many years to come. Lerma Photography offers school and daycare portraits with distinction and style. Please continue below and see why you should book with Lerma Photography. 

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Why Choose Lerma Photography? 


Online Ordering = Less Work for Staff 


My wife, Elisa, is a K-12 teacher which means that we understand the value of a teacher's time and dedication. Our ordering system is fully online which means that teachers and staff don't have to worry about sending preorder forms, keeping track of photo proofs to be sent home, and collecting funds from students. 

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Digital Photo Proofs = More to choose!


When photographing children, no two images are the same. Children can go from putting on a shy face to the silliest and widest smile for our camera. Our online proofing system allows us to upload ALL of their photos which gives parents the option of choosing a portrait that best resembles their child. 


Sibling Shots Included


Parents with siblings in the school receive an extra series of shots with their children together. Not only do they receive the same amount of individual photos of each child, but the photographer takes extra time to do another photo shoot of the siblings no extra charge! 


Digital Download Options

Can't find the right print package or want to send photos to relatives living across the country? Buy the digitals! Digital images are available to parents the same day they are ordered. This will allow parents to print on their own and show off to friends or family via social media or email. 


More Options With Green Screen!

By using a green screen, we are able to give parents more background options. Use the slider for the p

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